Pathways To The Soul

Journey through the layers of the physical, emotional and energetic body to clear the pathways and establish a deep connection with your soul by creating your rituals that inspire you.

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Pathways To The Soul

Journey through the layers of the physical, emotional and energetic body to clear the pathways and establish a deep connection with your soul by creating your rituals that inspire you.

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This Soul Teaching is the foundations of the Soul Beauty Rituals philosophy. If you’re new to spiritual work and want to feel more inspired in your self-care rituals this course is for you.

You will discover a deep connection with yourself through every layer - your body, emotions and energy.

With simple tools and rituals your self-care will be exciting, practical and sustainable.


This course will teach you...

An overview of the four layers that create the foundations of Soul Beauty Rituals; Body, Emotional, Energy and Soul work.

With introductory videos and demos, guided soothing meditations, self-care practices and tools to use throughout your journey through the pathways home to the soul.

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We will cover: 

*Body Work* - Let’s move - The physical body holds the key to all the other layers, in this course we will get in touch with our body and let movement, sound and nature be our medicine.

*Emotional Work* - Let’s write - Through the art of journaling we uncover the hidden whispers of the subconscious and can gain clarity on our emotions.

*Energy Work* - Let’s meditate - By entering stillness and connecting to our breath we can cleanse our energy field and enter that cosmic darkness that feels like a fertile soil space for growing all we wish to in our lives. 

*Soul Work* - Let’s visualise - Let’s ’see’ what we’re wanting to call in, creating space to make sure we are focusing on our dreams and nurturing them daily by keeping the seeds alive in our soul. Here we connect with our soul self, the infinite part of us, our intuition and guide.

*Integration and Planning *- This will prepare for you to do this work on your own by creating an inspired plan for the future than will ebb and flow, just as you and the cycles do.


By creating a strong foundation of self-care rituals that we can practice daily, weekly and monthly we are saying to the universe that we matter, committing time and energy to the work helps us become an open vessel for creativity and manifestation and gives us a beautiful foundation for deeper spiritual growth.

Making time for self-care is in essence a way of loving ourselves.

It is better to ‘water ourselves’ little and often so that we have a sense of fullness and from there we can grow and bloom in the way we were born to.


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“We are all capable of channelling energy and self-healing because we ARE energy” - Sadie

This course is about honouring you - all of you, your shadows and your light. 


Do you feel like you’d like to connect to yourself on a deeper level but aren’t sure where to start?
Would you like to have a regular practice of self-care rituals that excite and light you up?

Are you hoping to feel more balanced and aligned within your physical body, more in-tune with your emotions and more able to explore the magic of energy?

Are you aware of your natural gifts as an intuitive soul but would like to wake them up?

Yes Please


The modules...

Module 1 - The Pathways

- Welcome
- Overview of the Pathways
- An introduction to the cycles - season, moon, menstrual
- Shadow Work explained
- Tools for your journey

Module 2 - Body Work

- Movement Practices
- Finding Your Voice Exercise
- Ritual Bathing
- Deepening Your Skincare 
- Medicine Walks 

Module 3 - Emotional Work 

- An introduction
- Journaling - this is an in-depth explanation of learning the art of journaling


Module 4 - Energy Work

- Energy Clearing and Smudging
- Gratitude practice
- Affirmations
- Crystals
- Grounding & Energy Meditation
- How to see auras

Module 5 - Soul Work


- An introduction
- Oracle Cards
- Visualise to Manifest
- Guided Journey Experience

Module 6 - Integration

- Cyclical Wisdom
- Creating Rituals
- Coming Home



This course is self-paced and you will have access to it forever!

(By signing up to this course you’ll also have the option to join the Cosmic Cycling Club at the special discounted rate)

Investment: £111.00 


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“I have been experiencing Sadie’s offerings for over a year now and they have been so grounding, insightful, magical and joyful, they are very special. I love how Sadie explores the elements of music and movement. Her guided meditation journeys are like no others! (transported into other worlds). Thank you Sadie” 

About Sadie

Sadie is a qualified Rhythm Of Beauty Seasonal Alignment Coach, attuned reiki level 2 therapist, crystal healer and massage therapist plus a singer/songwriter and has 20+ years of acting experience in television, film and theatre.

Harnessing all her experience, she weaves tools for confidence building, authentic expression, vocal exercises, movement, creative exploration and play into her work.

This course combines all of her practices, tools and knowledge that she has gathered over the years that have helped her so much.