Cycling the wheels of the seasons and cosmos in a nurturing and supportive community.

Founded by Sadie Pickering of Soul Beauty Rituals



Cycling the wheels of the seasons and cosmos in a nurturing and supportive community.

Founded by Sadie Pickering of Soul Beauty Rituals



Learn how to not only live in harmony with the rhythms of the cycles but to master the art of co-creating with these ever-spinning wheels to enhance growth, manifest dreams and release fears.

Harnessing the energetics of nature will enhance your life on every level - physically, emotionally and energetically and pave the way for your soul to shine in your own unique bright way.
You already know somewhere deep within you how to work with the cycles, even if you’re not yet fully aware of this connection, this community will:

☾ Guide you home to remembering your true cyclical nature
 β˜Ύ Help you awaken your intuitive gifts and tap into your magical powers
☾ Bring you together with a community of like-minded fellow cosmic cyclists



Once you live according to the rhythm of the cycles you unlock your hidden knowledge, the gems of wisdom that lie within you, and you won’t look back. It will become a natural way of life that seems so obvious once you live it.


The Cosmic Cycling Club

This club is about honouring you - all of you, your shadows and your light.



The Cosmic Cycling Club is a space to grow as individuals in a community, you can use it as much or a little as you like.


The power of working with the cycles is little and often, it’s the magical made practical through simple daily rituals and gathering in ceremony. By maintaining consistent check-ins on the lunar and seasonal days you reap the rewards in your life.

The membership provides guides on the cycles, guided meditations, dreamy playlists, tools and tips and reading list recommendations, live circles along with recordings of past circles.

It’s an ongoing evolving space with a magical community ‘The Clubhouse’ where we can share our fears, worries, dreams, hopes and passions in a non-judgemental soul-centred space.


Cosmic Cyclists is for those committed to journeying with the cycles.


Are you excited by the possibility of living in harmony with the cycles?

Do you feel like there’s a wisdom within you that you’ve yet to tap into? 

And most importantly do you believe in magic?




By joining, you'll have access to...

The Cosmic Clubhouse

The Cosmic Cycling Clubhouse, a modern coven for like-minded souls to share experiences, rituals, express hopes, place fears in the alchemical fire to create space for dreams to come alive. 

The Cycles 

Introductory information around the cycles - the wheel of the year, moon cycles and menstrual cycles.


Circle Events 

All circles - including the new moon, full moon and seasonal days (equinox’s, solstice’s and cross-quarter festivals).


Past Circle Recordings

Replays of our recent circle events.

Cosmic Weather

Regular updates on the current cosmic weather.

Cosmic Cycling Toolkit

The Cosmic Cycling Toolkit recommendations and reading list.


Meditations to use in your rituals
between the circles.


Playlists to support you in your own solo journaling, movement rituals and relaxation.

Bonus Content

Bonus content - Interviews with special guests and bonus special circles for members only.


You will also receive special discounts on Courses, 1-1’s and merch.

Investment £33.33 per month. 


“Sisters holding hands, in this circle we are held

Sisters holding hands, in this circle we are strong

Sisters holding hands, in this circle we remember

Sisters holding hands, in this circle we belong” 

- Ayla Schafer, Rose

Want to be part of this new wave of consciously cyclical powerful women?



About Sadie

I'm a qualified Rhythm Of Beauty Seasonal Alignment Coach, attuned reiki level 2 therapist, crystal healer and massage therapist plus a singer/ songwriter and have 20+ years of acting experience in television, film and theatre. 

Harnessing all my experience, I weave the tools for confidence building, authentic expression, vocal exercises, movement, creative exploration and play into my cyclical work. 

This space combines all my experiences, challenges and lessons, channelled through into this club. I wholeheartedly believes that ‘we are all just walking each other home’ and that we all have innate wisdom and stories to tell, learning from each other's life experiences in this community.  

“We are all capable of channeling energy and self-healing, because we ARE energy” - Sadie


What has happened over the years is that we’ve forgotten our true nature, we are unaware of the powers that we have, we suppress our emotions, we doubt our dreams, we hide our truth and we dim our light out of fear that shining may make others feel uncomfortable.

The cycles help us to honour our true feelings, to express our authentic voice, to ignite our creative self, to leap for our dreams and release our fears.

We cannot do all of the work on ourselves in one go, it’s impossible and self-development takes time, this is why with every spin of the seasonal wheel, with each phase of the moon, with every season of the sun and every menstrual cycle we are invited to learn a little more. 


The ebb and flow of the cycles mirrors the ebb and flow within. 


We are not meant to be ‘on’ all the time and the old, worn out ways of believing this to be true are crumbling. There is a current cosmic rebirth happening and learning about the cycles is part of it.

Learning about your true nature is at the core of this cyclical revolution.

The Cosmic Cycling Club is a heart-centred, space for non-judgement where we actively listen to each other.

All that is required is an open mind and an open heart, whatever level you are at or your experiences so far.




What happens in a Moon or Seasonal Circle? 

Cosmic weather forecast and energetic updates, group reiki healing, restorative rituals, gentle free movement, dancing, storytelling, space to share, intention setting, guided journeys, journal prompts, oracle card readings and visualisations with the opportunity to share in a nurturing community of beautiful souls. The theme varies month to month, wheel to wheel according with the cycles we will be aligning to.

This membership is for anyone on the cyclical journey - for beginners and those experienced in the cycles. 


Fall in love with the cycles and yourself.


I really loved the ritual evening, everything about it but especially your voice during the meditation. I could literally listen to you forever. Actually feel quite emotional thinking how lovely it is."


 "I have been joining Sadie’s circles for over a year now and they have been so grounding, insightful, magical and joyful. I also love how Sadie brings in elements of music and movement to the circles too. Sadie’s offerings are very special, her guided meditation journeys are like no others! (transported into other worlds). It’s such a lovely platform to connect with the seasons and natural cycles and to connect and share resources with fellow cyclists.  Thank you Sadie xxx.”


"Thank you soooooooo much for this evening. Truly beautiful πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ I have never experienced anything like this. Everything just felt golden. I now feel absolutely beautiful."

The Cosmic Cycling Club is for you if…

β˜… You are yearning for a deeper connection with nature, the universe and yourself
β˜… You are seeking a more cyclical harmonious life where you manage your energy levels wisely
β˜… You would love to incorporate practical rituals for self-care into your routines
β˜… You wish to discover and ignite your creative spark and water your dreams to fruition
β˜… You wish to feel part of a nurturing community of like-minded souls

This membership will give you tools, resources and a community to learn about the cycles, to discover your own cyclical nature and give your simple rituals that will make a huge difference in your journey of discovery.
Circles have existed since ancient times (in every culture), they are the oldest form of social interaction, it was normal to gather, to share stories and pass on wisdom. It’s in our DNA.

The Cosmic Cycling Club is NOT for you if…

β˜… You’re happy to exist in one rhythm always, you don’t want to ebb and flow and you don’t mind pushing yourself to the point of burnout
β˜… You don’t ever want to change, ever, because in cyclical living we learn from nature and nature is always changing.
β˜… You can ignore feeling out of balance, tired, lacking drive and have the attitude to just ‘power on’
β˜…  You’re blocked to the possibility that you are an energetic being capable of making magic and don’t want to try it out
β˜… You don’t believe in energy, magic and your own intuition
β˜… You’re doing this work but want to ‘go your own way’
β˜… You will struggle to be open-minded and will judge others
β˜… You’re based in the Southern Hemisphere, this club works with the wheels of the Northern Hemisphere
β˜… You’re male (sorry guys!). Men are welcome to attend the circles which are bookable via and can learn about cyclical work there, men are affected by the cycles too, but this private membership space is for women only as we have a red tent aspect to it.




“And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We're captive on the carousel of time
We can't return we can only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game”

- The Circle Game, Joni Mitchell

About Soul Beauty Rituals:

Soul Beauty Rituals, founded by Sadie Pickering, is a unique combination of healing modalities (body/emotional/energy/soul work) that centre around cycles of nature and our own cycles. Sadie works 1-1 with beautiful treatments and energy work and holds circle gatherings bringing the collective energy together for heart centred connection. @soulbeautyrituals